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SoCAL AR is a mobile app exclusively for Southern California.

SoCAL is full of iconic places to see, restaurants to feed any craving, and stores to accommodate your retail itch. SoCAL AR gives you info about promotions and events from local businesses and organizations. You can also find where you can lend a helping hand in your community.

Experience SoCAL from A – Z.

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Release Date: 2020
Puzzle Game

Evie’s Spiritual Detective 

After leaving her aunt’s mansion in Massachusetts, and finding out about her supernatural connection Evie has decided to open her own Private Detective Agency. With a keen mind, along with her unique and rare sense of humor Evie sets out to solve cases of the paranormal kind. For a price she has helped a daughter locate her deceased father’s most prized possession, delivered a message to a son sent by his mother from beyond the grave, helped a friend communicate with her dog that had been tragically run over, successfully exorcised restless spirits from a construction site, Evie has even been called upon by law enforcement agencies to solve their cases when leads ran out or they just needed more “insight”. 

Having spent years solving cases all over the globe, Evie has gained a reputation as a world renowned Spiritual Detective and has more cases than she can handle. She has finally decided to hire an assistant.

Players step into the Assistant’s shoes. With Evie’s mentoring and a bit of their own supernatural abilities they set out to solve cases all over the world, helping people deal with the supernatural.

Release Date: 2020
Graphic Novel


A series of short stories told by military veterans about their first day of being the f***en new guy. The riveting stories are told from each veteran’s perspective, with their words, inspired by their experiences, offering readers a glimpse through a first-time soldier’s eyes, and adapted into graphic novel.

The stories honor their service, celebrates their courage, and captures an echo of a soldier’s life. 

The collective narratives are retrospective of our ever changing world.